How To Scan On A Canon Printer Driver


Sending soft copies is an easy task that anyone can do. You can simply mail them and you are done. However, sending a hard copy may take some time via post, which is a loss of time when you need those urgently. Although, you may use a scanning device from your nearby cyber cafe or printers. But a better option here will be a multifaceted and feature-rich ij.start.canon printer.

Furthermore, the best and quick way to transport a hardcopy document is by scanning it, and Canon printers are suitable for the job. Canon caters to the modern consumer needs and produces tech and devices that meet them. Therefore, you can use your Canon printer if you frequently need to scan copies of documents. Moreover, a Canon Printer Setup is an easy task that one can perform with minimum or zero tech-expertise. 

Most crucially, you can scan a physical document onto your PC using a Canon all-in-one printer. Such a printer works with Mac and Windows computers. Furthermore, with downloading and installing the correct Canon Printer Driver you can operate your printer to its complete protection. To learn how to scan from a Canon printer device, read the following instructions attentively from top to bottom.

Instructions To Scan On A Canon Printer

Learning about the comprehensive functioning of your Canon printer device will help you utilize it effectively. Henceforth, adhere to the following helpful directions step-by-step to receive an instantaneous scanned copy of your document. The procedure goes like:

Prepare To Scan

It is essential to perform the Canon printer setup before you can begin scanning your document. Therefore, to configure your printer for scan, look at the following steps. 

  • First, ensure you have an all-in-one Canon printer model that features excellent scanning capabilities. Thus, refer to the printer’s product manual to confirm this.
  • The next step is to connect your printer to your computer system, either with a USB cable or a touch-screen panel.
  • Next, using the installation DVD that comes with the packaging, download and install the Canon Printer drivers and utilities.
  • Now, after downloading the Canon printer driver power on your printer device. 
  • Subsequently, open the scanner by slightly lifting the cover. The scanner’s glass bottom will be visible.
  • Then, use the arrow in the bottom-left corner to align the document.
  • Finally, shut the scanner’s lid.

With this, the printer configuration to scan the document is complete. Now, move to the other part of the procedure with below directions.

Access the IJ Scan Utility

To start scanning with the IJ Scan Utility, follow these steps promptly:

  • First, navigate to the “IJ Scan Utility” folder. You can do this by selecting “Windows Start” and then “Canon Utilities” from the list of folders.
  • Next, tap on the “IJ Scan Utility” tab to open.
  • Now, choose “Settings” from the menu in the lower-right corner of the IJ Scan utility software.
  • Then opt for “Document Scan” from the menu options on the left.
  • Subsequently, choose “PDF Format” from the drop-down menu located next to the “Data Format” option. 
  • By selecting this option you can scan many pages into a single document consequently. 
  • To choose the precise location to store your work, click the drop-down menu next to the “Save in:” option.
  • After that, select “Document” in the IJ Scan Utility window.
  • Following that, the scanning procedure, which could take a few minutes to finish, will start.
  • You can regularly insert the next page and select “Scan” if you have more than one page to scan.
  • Finally, tap on the “Exit” button once every page of your document has been correctly scanned.


With those complete above-mentioned steps you can scan any document with time using your Canon printer.  

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