ij.start.canon - Setup Guide to Canon Printer

As humans it is hard to keep up with everything unless you have an IQ of 180 or above. Therefore, it is normal for people to forget things like software updates, printer setup, and other such things. However, ij.start.canon does not want your mind to skip the straightforward and hassle-free Canon Printer Setup procedure. Even if you do confuse a step or two while performing the canon printer setup, then you can visit ij.start.canon.     

Setting up an old or a new printer can be perplexing and annoying to some extent. Furthermore, hardware setup, canon printer drivers download, and then printer setup may seem intimidating. But it is not! Because the ij.start.canon website helps Canon printer users with Setup and other tasks. Moreover, you may obtain all the manuals and information you need for each model of Canon printer at “ij.start.canon.” User guides, functions, settings, and much more are available here. In other words, it provides you with everything you require to confidently operate your high-tech Canon Printers.

What is ij.start.canon?

If you have a Canon printer at your place or if you are thinking of buying a new one then it is a smart choice. Canon printers are a contemporary requirement for modern printing solutions. Furthermore, they do offer best-in-class features that a consumer may want. However, to maximize the capabilities of your printer it is crucial to configure it using the correct Canon printer drivers. Along with that, to ensure its proper functioning routine drive updates are also vital. To secure and ensure all the latter things users can navigate to the ij.start.canon. 

Additionally, to download and install printer drivers on your Windows or Mac computer, use this default and trustworthy site. You can find instructions for downloading and installing printer drivers on this page. So all you have to do is adhere to your device’s instructions.

Select Your IJ Start Canon Model

Steps To Setup The Canon Printer Hardware?

Before proceeding to ij.start.canon driver download and setup procedure, it is essential to set up your Canon printer hardware. Therefore, configuring your printer hardware is the first step in the process. Henceforth, follow the direction for the same.

The first step is to carefully unpack your printer by removing its packaging.

Furthermore, be cautious to remove any inside plastic wrapping and tape, and don’t apply too much force while unpacking.

Next, use the power cord to connect your printer to a power source.

After that, power on your Canon printer.

Then, go to the control panel to modify your language, time, date, and location choices.

Lastly, install the paper and cartridge gently into the printer.

With these instructions your hardware setup is complete. After that, go to the ij.start.canon to move ahead by downloading and installing the Canon Printer drivers.

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To Get Started

canon printer drivers

How to Install a Canon Printer at "ij.start.canon"?

At “ij.start.canon,” setting up a Canon printer is relatively simple and quick. Furthemore, users can successfully complete the setup on this platform using their printer model number. There are a few steps to this process, thus follow them all precisely for booming setup.

Step 1 - Visit “ij.start.canon”

Start by launching any web browser that is up-to-date and you regularly use. For instance, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

Then visit the Canon Printer Setup official page by typing or copy/pasting “ij.start.canon” in the browser’s address bar, and press “Enter.”

Step 2 - Go To The Setup Page

Once you land on the site’s home screen, you will see several links with the highlighted tabs. From those links, choose the first one which is the “Setup (Start Here)” tab.

Then, select the model number of your Canon printer in the next window. Pick a model from the list that is provided. As an alternative, you can enter the model number of your printer in the search bar. Next, press the “Enter” key or click the “Go” button.

Note: Just in case you don’t know the model number of your Canon printer. Next, select the option that says “Where to discover your product name.” This will show you where to look on your device for the model number. If not, you need to check your invoice.

Therefore, the “ij.start.canon” will redirect you to the setup page for your Canon printer. Here, you can go through each individual setup process in a more straightforward manner.

After that, click the “Start” button on the following window to start the procedure.


Download Canon Printer Drivers

Installing Canon Printer Driver

In this stage the first step is to access the downloaded file. For this, navigate to the default downloads folder of your system. Also, you can open the file from where you have saved it apart from the downloads folder.

Once you have finished granting permission, the installation wizard will appear.

You have the option to change the wizard language on the main window. Thus, do the changes as necessary, then move on to the next action.

You will be prompted to connect your computer system with your printer. Therefore, choose the correct option to form a connection. On your screen, you’ll see the necessary instructions.

You will see a list of available printers once your printer has been successfully connected to the system, and you must select the printer you want to use.

Mark the boxes for the chosen software on the software selection screen.

The license agreement window will then appear on your screen. To proceed, carefully read and accept the terms and conditions.

Now the installation process will start. The process will be finished in a minute or two.

Finally when the installation is complete, you can run the print test to ensure it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my Canon printer come with a warranty?

Yes, Canon printers come with a one-year guarantee. By paying the additional cash needed to prolong the warranty, you can also extend the warranty. The customer service department uses phone calls to resolve any issue. You can even receive the service at home if the problem isn't resolved. All of the ij.start.canon's hardware and software are covered by the warranty.

2. Can I scan any picture or document and make a copy of it?

You may scan any photocopy using the built-in scanner on your printer. Keep the image or document in the scanner while selecting the "scan" option in your driver. The scanning procedure will be carried out. If your printer has a scanner, the scan option will also be available in the printer driver. In this manner, you can use the ij.start.canon printer's built-in scanner to scan any document or image.

3. Is it free or expensive to use the Canon printer driver?

Use of the Canon printer drivers is free. It is available for download and installation on the ij.start.canon website. There are no fees associated with using it. The Canon printer's customer service department is also free for you to use. If the warranty on your Canon printer has expired, or if more than a year has passed, you will need to pay for the servicing.

4. What causes the error "Printer not recognized"?

This problem could come up in the ij.start. Due to a broken WiFi or USB cable connection, canon setup fails. Therefore, inspect the cable and use a different one if it is damaged or broken. Then, using your Canon, reconnect to the wireless network.

5. How do I set up my Canon Imageclass Mf743Cdw printer?

You won't need to worry because the instructions above will guide you through it. The download and installation procedures for drivers for all Canon printers are now largely uniform. To install the printer, follow the setup instructions and the link above to obtain the most recent Imageclass Mf743Cdw driver.